Learn Step-By-Step How to build your own Drop Shipping or E-commerce Website with us From Scratch!
... then learn how to SEO it, establish it and find business suppliers in ANY Niche, and make your store profitable...
... It's all right here in our Drop Shipping Business Academy Video Training Course & COMMUNITY!...
DSBA Member Benefits:
Learn how to build your own Drop Shipping website business from scratch.
Learn how to build your own E-commerce Website from scratch.
Unlimitad access to HD Training Videos.
Over 4 Hours of in-depth video training and supplimentary learning material
Unlimited Access to our Drop Ship Entrepreneurs course & community.
Build websites for yourself, your clients or even SELL THEM TO US!.... We have BUYERS waiting!
Save yourself both Time and Money in the future - Build Multiple stores at no extra cost
Via our parent company we have been building and selling E-commerce and Drop Shipping Stores for years, and we know a thing or 3
The No1 Drop Shipping Entrepreneurs Video Training Course
Here are just a few more of the features of our 'Learn How to build your own Drop Shipping Website from Scratch' in-depth step-by-step Video Training Course. Brought to you by the highly-experienced team here at the: Drop Shipping Business Academy:

Works Internationally
The principals of our Training course are universal & will work for you where ever you are in the world.

Use ANY Currency
Build your store with ANY default currency of your choice. The currency your customers pay in: $,£. is yours

NO Coding Required
You don't need to be a maths genius or a nerd to take our Ecommerce / Drop Shipping Training course.

HD Video Training
You get Unlimited access to HD Video Training that you can watch & re-watch. learn at your own pace.

Optional Website Hosting
You have the option to practice live as you learn with us. Just choose from our packages that include web hosting

Find Verified Suppliers
Suppliers are the backbone of any web business. Learn how & where to find fully Vetted & Verified ones.

Learn SEO & Promotion
We reveal exactly how to Get your website found by both the Search Engines & your target customers.

Community Help & Support
If you ever get stuck, our support team, or our like-minded community will be right here for you. We have your back!
Welcome to the Drop Ship Business Academy

We are Drop Ship Businesses Academy.  Brought to you by Drop Ship Businesses for Sale

The place where you learn exactly how to start a Drop shipping business working from home and build a REAL Online Business - with No Hype or fake promises / screenshots.

Via our Drop Shipping Video Training Course, we will teach you step-by-step the highly in-demand skill of learning How to build stunning E-commerce & Drop Shipping websites that get results. You are then able to offer your completed & established Drop Shipping websites for sale to others....

...Hec we would even buy them off you - as we have 'hungry website' buyers ready, looking and waiting to purchase established website businesses with traffic.

The beauty is, once you know how to create an E-commerce or Drop Shipping Website, you can build e-commerce stores over and over again and keep the profits. Or you can sell on to a hungry market who are egar to buy established website Businesses from people just like you.


So what makes us qualified to teach you how to build and sell E-commerce / Drop Shipping Websites?

Well, for the last few years now we have been building & offering Drop Ship Website Businesses for Sale to our customers all over the world - and making a huge profit in the process!

During our time in this industry, we have received so many request from our visitors and customers asking if we could 'teach them exactly how we do what we do' - and show them step by step 'How to build a profitable Drop Shipping website' or E-commerce store - that  we have now decided to do something about it.


Our Drop Shipping Training Academy is like nothing you have ever come across before, that is a promise!
Learn how to Build Your Own Stunning Drop Shipping /
Websites just like these...
... Build them for your yourself or builld websites for Clients & sell ('FLIPP') them for a profit. YOU decide. We show you how.
How our main business got started, the Benefits and why you Should Join our Drop Shipping business course & Community TODAY!

Just a few short years ago, I was exactly where you probably are right now...... I was completely broke, buried in debt & just could not see any way out.

In my desperation, I started to purchase just about every product I could that seemed to offer me a way out.

I bought crappy product after crappy product. Products that promised me the world and even promised me 'overnight riches' for just the click of a single mouse button.

After years of trying, nothing worked. I was just getting more and more was frustrated and even more into debt..... I had had enough!

I got so fed up of all the BS, and was about to give up on this whole 'Making Money Online thing'...... but luckily I didn't. I kept on looking & trying...

...... But it all changed one day when I stumbled upon this website called "Flippa", found at: www.Flippa.com. 

With my own eyes, I saw websites that were being auctioned and ending with a final sale price of anything from $100 to several $1000s! ..... With the only real costs involved being a Domain Name (@ $10 per year), and website hosting (as low as $20) - I could see the markup / profit potential.

I wanted to learn exactly how to build my own websites that I could sell on to others as "TurnKey"

Once your website is completed and is receiving web traffic and or Sales, You could choose to:
1. Keep your website & profits for yourself
Once you know How to start a Drop Shipping website Business, our ultimate aim is to have you making enough Money online that you are able to quit your 9 - 5 day job and run your online business full time.

We are not suggesting that you will be able to do this right away, but once your internet business is generating enough income, So once your website is established you will be able to do just that.
2. 'Flipp' / Sell on Flippa.com or Similar

Flippa.com is an established online market place for websites where online business owners come to sell Established Websites for Sale. Websites can also be bought on the platform.

I have personally seen websites sell on there for anything from $50 right up to $50,000! You could even buy a starter website, establish it then sell it on.

The more traffic your website business is achieving & sales then the higher value it will have. Our course will teach you all you could ever need to know about making money flipping websites.

3. Start a business or Freelanceing
Once you have the right skills and have learnt exactly how to build an E-commerce or Drop Shipping website, another way that you will be able to make money with this in-demand skill is by joining any of the numerous freelancing websites out there that allow you to sign up and begin essentially selling your skill to others who are looking to have an ecommerce website built for them for example.

Every single day 1000s of people require an e-commerce or Drop Shipping website; but they don't know how to build it for themselves. These people will gladly pay to have someone else build their website for them - YOU.
4. Sell it to us for our parent company

As I mentioned, our parent company specializes in offering Drop shipping website businesses for sale directly to the public. 

We also rank top (often on page 1) of google for just about all search terms website purchasers are likely to type into Google when they are looking for a website to buy. This leads to a steady flow of buyer traffic!

In short, we are currently unable to keep up with demand for websites. We can't build them fast enough - and this is where you would come in. 

Once you are a graduate of our course, we would be willing to purchase websites you create!

Those who act fast will Also get these Bonuses Limited Time Only!
Theses will very soon become paid for bonuses that new members will have to pay extra for.
Act fast in order to lock in todays price.

Free Ecommerce Theme
For a limited time we are giving away the same Ecommerce / Drop ship theme that has worked wonders for us.

FREE 1 Hour Consultation
Ask us anything about your website business during your free 1 hour Skype consultation.

A Reduced Price
Our eventual selling price for our course is expected to be $995 - $1995. So get in whilst you are able.

Priority Email Support
Priority email support ensures you get a reply to any email you send us within a 1 - 5 hour time limit max!.
Here is What YOU will learn on our Drop Shipping website creation Course...
Watch 'over our shoulders'. as we take you through all you need to know Module by Module...
MODULE 1: Domains & Hosting
Building a successful website starts with the foundation of choosing the right Domain Name from the beginning - as it can't be changed and it's something you are stuck with. Get the Domain choice right and it can literally be half the battle won.
MODULE 2: Website Hosting
In this Module we move on to take a look at website Hosting. Choosing the wrong Web host can lead to an absolute nightmare for the experience of building your own online business. You will learn what to look out for and more important, what to avoid!
MODULE 3: Products and Suppliers
Which product niches are the best to be involved in, and which are best to avoid if you don't want to have endless returned item headaches.How and where to find fully Vetted and Verified suppliers who won't run off with your money - it's all covered here.
MODULE 4: Building your Website
Now for the 'meat' of our course. it's time to learn step-by-step exactly how to set up your Drop shipping / ecommerce Website from scratch even if you are a complete 'newbie' - our course is suitable for all skill & experience levels.
MODULE 5:Theming your Store
Our Store is now all set up and it's time to go about making it look beautiful.... why??.....Because the better & more professional your website looks then the more people will trust your website / business & be willing to hand over their payment information.
MODULE 6: Uploading Products & SEO
You may think that you know how to upload products to an Ecommerce website, but what ever you do DON'T SKIP THIS MODULE. It may seem easy, but I have seen time and time again people skipping important SEO procedures because they missed this.
MODULE 7: Advertising & Getting Traffic
Now that your website looks great, t's time to start getting the targeted website traffic to it that it deserves. It Module 7 we will cover how you go about getting 'buyer' traffic to your websites as getting this kind of traffic usually means more sales for you.
MODULE 8: eBay, Amazon & Scaling UP
So your wwebsite is now completed, you have followwed our advice and it's getting both website traffic & has achieved some sales. All there is to do now is to scale UP!
That's right E Shoulder any Risk With our no quibble 60 Day Money Back Gurantee
You can purchase TODAY with complete confidence in knowing that your purchase from us is fully covered!

We are one of the few companies our there that are so super-confident about our Drop shipping Video Training course product that we are actually willing to stand 100% behind it. 

We strongly believe that we have put together what will grow to become the most coveted and in-demand video training product around and this is precisely why we want each and every one of our members to be with us not because they have to, but because they actually find so much value in our members area that they wish to continue being a valued member of DSBA.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. So whay exactly is the Drop Ship Business Academy and what exactly will it do for me?
The Drop Ship Businesses Academy are a one of a kind entrepreneurial Video Training Course and Community of like-minded entrepreneurs all in one place. We will teach you step-by-step everything you need to do in order to build a successful Drop Shipping or E-commerce website from the ground up.

Is your Money Back Gurantee for real and will you honour it if I am not 100% happy?
The simple answer to this is YES, our money back guarantee is 100% for real as we want you to be totally happy with the fact that you have decided to join us. We also want you to take a secured leap of faith knowing that should our course not be for you for any reason, then we will happily refund you 100%!

O. Once I have paid to become a full member then ho long ill I have access to your course?
A. Once you are a fully paid up member with us then you will have unlimited & lifetime access to our Drop shipping Video Training Course. You will be able to watch and even re-watch all of the HD Videos within our members only area as much and as many times as you want to.

How long is your course and ho long will it take me to get through it?
We don't beleive in adding fluff or filler to our course in order to pad it out, so our course is as long as we feel it needs to be in order to teach you all we fell it is important for you to learn - this is currently approximately 4 hours worth of video content. Our course may get longer if we feel that it needs to be.

What about suppliers, can I trust them and will I be able to find "X" suppliers within specific my niche?
Our course will take you through exactly how and where to find suppliers of just about ANY product niche that you are interested in. These suppliers are FULLY VETTED AND VERIFIED and you will even see this on their profile - similar to eBay.

Many times the platforms have escrow systems in place so if you do not receive your item, or are not happy with it, they they do not get paid - it's as simple as that.

Will the suppliers ship to my specific country and will they have a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
The beauty about the suppliers you will learn about on our course is that you will be able to find 1000s of suppliers in just about ANY product niche you could imagine. You will find several suppliers for each product niche, not just 1 or 2 and each of these will have different policies on things like MOQs and where they ship to.

You simply just need to search out and choose the supplier that best fits what you are looking for for your business.
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